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Lao Warrior Update – follow up

We recently filmed two great scenes for Lao Warrior; Phantasm and Candlelight. The Phantasm scene was very exciting and involved Jennifer Williamson, Miles Snow and a SWAT team. Kenji Saykosy choreographed some incredible martial arts scenes for this shoot and Directed a long but rewarding day of filming. Kenji was also a part of most of the scenes. Earlier scenes that day involved Jennifer and Nina Bartula. Jennifer’s parts in the movie have now all been filmed, and we will miss seeing her on set. Hopefully, we will see her at the premier.

The Candlelight scene was a re-shoot from earlier this year. We did it this time as an outdoor night shoot and the lighting for the scene, set up by Sean Pollock (cinematographer), was perfection. This scene is a very special scene for the cast, and for Kenji especially. In this scene we see Kenji’s Master (also Tyler’s Master) pass the sword as Kenji takes over teaching at the school. This scene shows the mixed emotions of the main character as he is happy for the promotion but also not sure how Tyler will react.

We are set for more filming this month and July is going to be very busy as well. Thanks to all of our contributors and sponsors for your support and to all of the incredible actors and martial artists for continuing to make Lao Warrior a great project.

By David V Nelson

Martial Artist, Veteran of the U.S. Army, Pharmacist, Actor, Writer, Producer, Author and Fitness Enthusiast.

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